Derek (Gas Works)

This is a song about my friend Derek. I’ve known Derek for only a year and yet, he’s still managed to make a big impact on my life. He joined me this last year on tour as my photographer and drinking partner. Over the course of the tour, him and I became the best of friends. Derek hardly sleeps because he’s too busy drinking wine, spending time with friends and writing amazing poetry. I’m glad to have Derek in my life and I can’t wait to see what adventure we have to come.

Austin (Something New)

This song is about my friend Austin. I have known Austin since he was five years old, making him one of my oldest friends. We have been playing music together for just about as long as I have known him. We are currently in a band named Sunset Pilgrims. Austin loves playing guitar, free donuts and his girlfriend’s pug, Bella . He is an amazing guy and I’m really thankful for his friendship.

TJ (Stay Here)

This song is about my friend TJ. We met awhile back when he moved to Newport Beach, only a few miles from my old house, with a few of my other friends; including Eliot from 'Eliot (Cigaret Garden)'. Although TJ and I knew each and would say that we were friends, it was not until my recent visit to his house in Seattle that we really bonded over cheap beer, American Spirit yellows, and electronic/pop music. I’m glad to call him a friend.

Kevin (Habit)

This is a song about my friend Kevin. We met a number of years ago through a mutual friend and have not stopped making memories since. Since, we have made a tradition out of going to a park for a late night smoke, with conversations surrounding Girls, life and music. Kevin is an amazing friend and musician who I wish to have around forever.

David (It's Beutiful)

This is a song about my friend David. Along with with being one of my producers, he's also one of my best and smartest friends. I can honestly say I would not be the man I am today without David’s friendship. A common, and more recent, topic of conversation I have had with him has been about our struggles with faith, spirituality, and the church. So that is what I centered the subject of the this song around. David has also written and recorded extensively on the subject as well. You can find that record through his website here:

JD (July Fourth)

This is a song about my friend JD. I mentioned JD in my earlier Friends Project song called Zach (Nosferatu). JD, Zach and myself all lived together in Huntington Beach California for about six months. Early this month on the fourth of July I got watch fire works with JD in his new home Portland Oregon. He has grown so much as a person since we lived together and that Journey is briefly what I talk about in this song. On June 28th of 2014 JD was in a motor cycle accident and lost one of his legs. He didn't let that stop him from following his dreams and he still skates like a bad ass. Keep your eyes and ear out for this guy he's a great songwriter with an incredibly strong voice. I'll add a link to his music when he has something recorded.

Eian (Potential)

This song is about my friend Eian. When we first met he was kind of a jerk to me. Now Eian is one of my best friends. He currently lives with me and my wife. Eian's a lot of fun to have around. He actually played bass on this song. I told him it was about my other friend and then changed the lyrics later, surprise Eian!

Sarah (I See It Too)

This song is about my friend Sarah. She's an amazing friend and a great photographer. Sarah actually does most of my photos. In this song I mostly talk about new years 2014. We took a trip to Santa Barbra for a big party with a lot of our friends. A few months later in June my wife came home to tell me that Sarah was really sick and it didn't look like she was going to make it. Sarah did make it and I can't express my joy for that! She is a blessing to everyone who knows her, I'm lucky to have her as a friend.

Zach (Nosferatu)

This song is about my friend Zach. We lived together for about five months in Huntington Beach. We always enjoyed skating and eating my famous Mac&cheese with our other roomate JD. Zach is such a solid loving dude. Living his life to the fullest everyday.

Natalie (Patterns)

This song is about my friend Natalie. She's actually my wife's best friends so I kinda inherited her friendship. This song is inspired by her love for  the ocean as well as her character. She is one of the sweetest and kindest girls I know.

Eliot (Cigarette Garden)

This song is about my friend Eliot. He lives up in Seattle now but we met when Eliot and three other great dudes lived in the coolest/cutest little beach house in Newport Beach CA. I spent a lot of time that year talking to people walking past  their porch, smoking cigarettes (sorry mom) and hanging out with Eliot and the rest of the guys. We use to put our cigarette butts in their planter, we eventually started calling it the cigarette garden.

Josh (Mobile Home)

This song is about my friends Josh. We met when we were six, We've been great friends ever since. Josh is one of the sweetest guys I know he's kind and is always making people laugh. This song focuses on a time when our families lived on the same property in mobile homes.

The Friends Project is a project I'll working on all this year. On the last day of each month I'll be posting a song about a friend of mine. All the songs will be pay what you want so feel free to download the songs for free or give any amount. Thanks for listening.